New Year's Photo Show


Photo Show Results!



The results for our New Year's photo show are now posted!!  Our judges had the most difficult time pinning the classes, the photos and models were simply astounding.  You all showed such creativity and joy in your works.  Thank you all for sharing your collections and event photos with us, and of course, your crushed boxes!  

Your placings can be seen here:

Winners and "Runners up" or 2nd place ribbon holders will receive a First Edition of our blue clear ware fox, named "Chance"!  His name means Good Fortune in Old English, and so we thought it was very fitting for our winners' good fortune.

All ribbon holders will receive a colorful 4-4.5" decal of one of our Copperfox models with your placing, which are suitable for use on your car, show totes, or just about anywhere.  A great big thanks to one of our judges and production assistant LeeAnn Bachman, who worked tirelessly creating all these vinyl decals for you and selecting fun, bright colors to cheer up your winter.

Whilst we have most of your addresses on file here if you've been a previous customer and ordered product, we will reach out if we do not, and if you've recently moved, please let us know!  Prize models and decals will be shipped next Wednesday and Friday.



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