Seaglass Winston Shire Final Count

Hello Copperfox fans,


Are you ready to come on a journey to the sea with us?  Your head will surely swim after reading our seaglass model breakdown.  You see, originally we had intended there to be three colourways,  and an even split of each.  Well once production began there was far too much fun to be had and many different dye techniques were being used which kept creating something new that we just had to share.  So here below are the final breakdown numbers of the run of 150 pieces of Seaglass horses! 

The original run came in a Union Flag box with a small bit of seaglass in a similar or matching color wrapped around the outside, and a COA.  Sunrise was originally developed to be the color of a rare seaglass found off the coast of Wales.  This became the "Sunrise" chase model. 

 There are 10 "Sunrise" models, in a coral/sunrise color and one frosted red test model.  There are 40 clear frosted which were sandblasted with seaglass paint and hooves glossed. Most of these were infused with a bit of purple interference (one here in the archives).

There are 28 beer bottle green, 8 of these are frosted/sandblasted, 32 light aqua blue split into glossy or frosted (one "second" here in archives), 21 of the cobalt blue (one here in the archives) and 4 frosted cobalt as the color looked far too dinged up. Whilst we were going for  seaglass as a general look, we weren't sure how the chippy look would be received.  

There are 17 in a completely random deep teal, some with more sea green and some with more deep blue, some very light and nearly translucent, and others very dark-all in gloss (shown below).

There are 12 test models without boxes/COAs which consisted of two in very light lime green (one shown below), three in a larger scale in beer bottle green (also below), and an assortment of light to dark ranges of blues.

There were eight random seconds pulled from the finished run that did not make the cut due to flaws.

In the first quality run, there were actually fewer than 150 total, as some of the run was sold as seconds.  All told, 141 were sold with COAs,  with one raffled off,  and another donated to a fund raiser. 

Are you feeling woozy and seasick yet?  We hope not!  It may be tough to show them and have true numbers for them with a few seconds and tests floating around, but know there are no more than 40 of any given type and most runs are a lot smaller than that.


Kind regards and keep swimming,


Below:  Lime green test, test for Sunrise, 1/31 green test in larger scale and reversed mane, glossy aqua second, a very light green, and a dark teal glossy. 

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