To Simplify

Sometimes the simplest things are the best.  When attempting to create new colourways and design models for a team of painters, we can get pretty carried away! There are some stunning things to be done, and yet there's a great joy in the simple things, too. 


Themes of colour seem to be popular this year, as we embark on another virtual July.  In honor of our lovely U.K. dealer who has been an invaluable member of the Copperfox team this past year, we're creating some fun Coppercub (1/32 scale) items to celebrate her favorite colour.  You've spoken loud and clear that the purple micro-minis we released are loved, so it got us to thinking about the colour purple of course! 

Ann Sheppard, for those who may not be familiar, has taken on the U.K. side of the reborn Copperfox.  Her business namesake is Mad Dog Models, and she has been designing and testing a new line of her own-dogs!   There are a limited numbers of dogs to collect in the hobby, and this should be a great venture.  

Ann has some rare and hard to find models in stock right now too, including the Coppercub Winstons, Scamps, jewelry, and pewters that are sold out here in the U.S. and you can reach her site by:

Though things are slow going as Copperfox finds a footing again, Ann has been patiently and happily working in a forward momentum to bring Copperfox items to the U.K. and EU regions whilst avoiding VAT and high post fees for Copperfox fans. 

We are now pleased to say we've got customers in all reaches of the world  including France, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Peru, even Mexico!  Canada continues to be a very active collector community and of course the U.S. remains the home of the majority of Copperfox collectors. We are honoured and overjoyed to continue what the Benfield's started in 2014. 

It does beg the question however, what is it about Copperfox that sets it apart from other model companies?  The answer is simple: We are committed to bringing breeds to market that are not only under represented, but that represent the rich, deep and storied history of the United Kingdom.  As the years go on, we hope to branch to neighboring countries (France anyone?) and have lots of visions for Copperfox down the road-but not until we fulfill the requests of the fan base who have given us quite a list of breeds they would like to see!  

We are encouraged by the kindness and support of all the fans and friends we've made, and celebrate our vendors and manufacturers that have worked tirelessly to help fund plastic production.  We hope you enjoy this newest pop of colour as we continue to work with our factory to test plastics and paints in preparation for some big reveals!  

Warmest regards,  


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