Valentine's Day "Be Mine" Pendants

We are excited to share that our mini pewter pendant necklaces will be coming Valentine's Day!  We will have a few surprises thrown in so definitely don't miss them.   

Pewter is a solid, heavy alloy which is a mixture of copper and tin, that will give nice weight to these pendants and will patina.  The weight prevents the  necklace from spinning around to the clasp side (does this drive you all as mad as it does us?)  without being too heavy for every day wear.  The horse casts are 3 dimensional just like a tiny little model and will stand on a table, they are not flattened in the back.  It will be like taking your favorite models everywhere you go.

We will have an assortment to offer, in a limited number to start, all made in the UK and production was overseen by Kelly Sealey. 

Fittings are solid sterling silver, necklaces are solid sterling silver (not plated) and we've selected a strong, 1mm. thickness box chain for you, to ensure you'll be able to wear your pendant for many years to come. We hope you enjoy them and they will be carried on our website as well as with these fine retailers in both the US and UK: 


Treat yourself or tell your Valentine!  They will be available in our Products Available page on Valentine's Day at approximately 9 am EST and the GMT time will be announced by Mad Dog Models soon. 

Our retailers will carry pendants after Valentine's Day as well, adding in some new and fun pieces! 








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