Normandy Apple Micro Miniature Scale
Normandy Apple Micro Miniature Scale

Normandy Apple Micro Miniature Scale

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Meet Normandy!  Sculpted by the talented Holly Conner of Conner Lane Creations, LLC, this popular sculptor of our beloved gypsy mare Epona has brought us Normandy.

Way back before Copperfox opened, we took a trip to France to do research on the amazing Percheron breed.  This draft horse originated in the Huisne valley in western France, part of the former Perch province.  

We had thought someday, doing breeds outside of the U.K. would be a great way for the Copperfox brand to continue to grow beyond it's British roots.  Then there were the logistic considerations.  There are many factors that go into determining whether a breed is utilized or not, and one is the range of colourways the breed can physically be in the real horse world. 

Normandy was shelved for a while due to being a very limited breed for colors and did not go into further development.  We rediscovered him whilst clearing out the studio, and have made him in a colorful decorator clearware color.

We had his sculpture in the office here ready to scan for many, many years!  We finally are giving him the attention he deserves.  Though not a British breed,  he is a close neighbor and a beloved and world renowned breed. 

 Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery

Micro miniature scale (Copperkit), 1:64, large Percheron size.  In solid clear ware 3D printed resin, dyed and sealed with four coats of UV protectant in a high gloss.