Seahorses Seconds
Seahorses Seconds

Seahorses Seconds

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From the rugged coast of Wales to the shores of New England, beach combing has been a favorite pastime.  There are some hard to find sea glass colors, have fun hunting for them all! 


We have captured the look of sea glass in these sand-blasted/gloss/frosted clear ware Winston models.  Cobalt, Aqua, Clear or Emerald, Teal and a chase piece! (not pictured). Limit 1 per person, Coppercub size, 1/32 scale.  Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery of this item.


Comes in Union Flag foam lined box with COA.   Limited edition for 2020. Limited to 150 pieces worldwide.  Shipped at random.  We will not take requests for finishes/colors sorry!  We have just a few of these left! 


This is a second!  He was a leftover from the original run, he's got a flaw of a wavy line in his side-see photos.  He is a pretty aqua seaglass blasted finished model with glossy hoofs. Comes with his box and COA.