...and the winner is! 2015

I hope you like the new name of our Irish Sports Horse. I think it suits him perfectly! The winner of the competition is Laurie Miller Willis, with the name suggestion of "Finnigan" who wins an unpainted Irish Sports Horse resin, who now has the same name. There are also seven runners up in the naming competition:-Emma Bilby Grey, Jo Chell, Dawn Henderson, Catherine Scholz, Carly Smith, Beth Kingdon and Savana Watt. I wanted to write a little note about why we picked the name and had runners up to the competition. Our favourite name was Finnigan. We liked how the name was bouncy, modern and fitting with the models movement and character. It just seemed to suit him! I think we are going to have to write an exciting story about Finnigan and his adventures!! I preferred the "i" spelling of the name rather than the "e" one, it just seems to roll off the tongue better. As i always say, naming a model horse is not an easy task and it takes a vast amount of thought and contemplation. Going through the entries, several people also submitted different variations of Finnigan, for example, Finnegan, Finnigans Rainbows and Sir Finnegan. "Finnigan" was our chosen name, and it was submitted by someone in this state (for example, not altering or removing words) which was why it was chosen above the others. However, we wanted to also acknowledge the close variations of the final name, hence why we chose people as runners up. The competition was originally supposed to have one winner and so in this unusual circumstance, we wanted to offer something to the runners up, that wouldn't be offered elsewhere. We would like to offer all runners up the option to purchase a resin model, at a 50% discount, in addition to free postage anywhere in the world. I totally understand that it's not the same as winning a model, but i just wanted to do something to say thank you for your suggestion rather than not. I wanted to end by saying a gigantic thank you again to everyone who entered. We love reading your suggestions and the stories that went with them. Trying to decide was not easy. I have to admit it did take longer than first anticipated (together with consuming an unhealthy amount of coffee!) so I must apologise for the delay. To answer one other question which might be on people’s minds, the "Finnigan" Irish Sports Horse resin will go on sale on Monday 23rd November 2015. It will be available to purchase directly through this website. He is priced at $200 and is limited to 60 pieces worldwide. Full details will be published on Monday, together with purchasing/shipping/ordering information. 

Thank you again everyone to being part of our competition and i really hope you like Finnigan. I love him!! Becky :) 

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