Welsh Cob: Celtic Warrior Mould


"Celtic Warrior" is a model of a Welsh Cob, a breed of horse that has been described as "the best ride and drive animal in the World" (quote from the Welsh Cob & Pony Society).  The Welsh Cob is well known for it's hardiness and gentle nature, making it an excellent mount for many equestrian disciplines, from jumping and dressage to carriage driving and showing.

The Welsh Cob has a powerful extravagant action, especially when trotting, which is what our Welsh Cob model is depicting. Striding across the show arena, gallivanting around a lush paddock or simply having a good brisk trot on an afternoon hack! This stallion is flying!

The model was sculpted by Kelly Sealey of Kelly's Studio and was named "Celtic Warrior" by Kelly.