Hackney Driving Pony "Rose" (Full Reveal Soon!)

     Sculpted with loving care by Kathleen Moody, the only other Hackney in the plastics traditional world has been around for many years, and is a standing model.   Therefore, we wanted to provide the collector's community with a beautiful, dynamic carriage action pony with all the mane and tail details one would expect from a Moody sculpture.

     Specifically designed to be tack friendly, this particular model was sculpted after a division in British show competition called the "Pleasure Pony" division, in which manes and tails are not braided on the ponies. They are allowed to fly free, with all their majestic glory and beauty.

    This pony is approximately scaled after a 12 hand high pony, similar in size to the Connemara, with the incredible high-stepping gait that the Hackney pony is known for.  The trick to capture this pose and not need a  stand with this model, is in a secret that was invented by Rich Rudish with the sculpture of Lady Roxana.  

     Lady was the first Breyer model to have the tail function as the third leg, so as to capture a true gait in movement and not have to compromise on leg positioning to ensure balance.  Rich passed away shortly thereafter completion, and we find this tribute by his good friend Kathleen Moody to be a moving and wonderful art statement in Rich's honor.  

     We at Copperfox, are honored to have this amazing pony join our line up and to work with a most revered artist in the hobby.  Look for him in miniature size and full sized artist resins, and later on in painted plastics and clear ware. Enjoy!