Copperfox US Tour Event 2015

Copperfox is going on tour next year with a little roadtrip around the UK and a hop over the pond to Lexington, Kentucky during the biggest model horse weekend in the calendar (22nd- 24th July). Our question is when would the event be best for you? We don't want to clash with other events to ensure that everyone can come, so we thought we would ask for your help. What day would you like us to hold our event? 

The choices are: 

- Thursday Afternoon/Evening (21st July 2016) - Friday Afternoon (22nd July 2016) 

- Saturday Evening (23rd July) 

- Sunday Afternoon (24th July) 

- Sunday Evening (24th July) 

- Other 


We have a poll running, via the link below, so please vote for the day that would be best for you. Thank you for all your help! :) 

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