Copperfox US Tour Event 2016

(Reprinted from previous Copperfox website, penned by Becky Benfield)

We have been finalizing the details for our UK tour events and I wanted to let our US fans that we have not forgotten about you. I have some good news for you about our Copperfox US Tour Event, and some so-so news. 

Let's start with the good news as that's the most exciting bit! We have a provisional date and location for our tour stop. Woohoo! 

Date: Thursday 21st July 2016 

Venue: Four Points by Sheraton, Lexington, Kentucky 

(just up the road from the Clarion, Embassy Suites etc. 5 miles from KHP). 

So pleased to be able to find a venue that was happy to work with us and could accommodate us during this busy time of the year. 

Onto the so-so news. The honesty of the situation is that we can only make this event work with your support. The logistics of getting ourselves and stock over the pond is quite a challenge, not only in planning but in practice too. It would be so simple if we could squeeeeeeze all the CF models into our suitcases but I fear that they would feel a little squashed! 

The idea behind the event is about us meeting you and you meeting us and our herd of models. It's always good to see things in person and to put names to faces (we are real I promise!!). Knowing someone through the world of email and social media is one thing but meeting them face-to-face is another. I wanted our US event to reflect this, for it to be a relaxed but celebratory function that everyone can meet up over a common theme which is model horses. Our UK tour is a 4 month long celebration whereas our US one will be condensed down to a single event. It will be a mixture of an "open house" event, in addition to a full out celebration in the late afternoon/evening, that is ticketed. Only 100 tickets will be available. Those with tickets to the party will get lots and lots of goodies, much like our UK events- Exclusive fox model, badge, US tour model (different to UK model), in addition to cocktails, canapes, a three course meal with drinks, fun and frolics! Tickets price wise, i am anticipating around the $130 mark and that would include everything (fox model, tour model, meal, all features etc). Models on their own (i.e the regular run Copperfoxes) are scheduled to retail for around £55 which is $80. 

To be able to move the event forward, and put all the plans into concrete I need your help. Would you be interested in coming to our US Copperfox Tour Event? If so, please register your interest through the form below, ticking your visit type. The day will have a free entry option in which anyone will be able to come, view and purchase models, whereas the ticketed event has a bigger feature list (see above) in addition to being able to see, view and purchase Copperfox Models. 

I hope you can help! Registering your interest will enable us to gauge what to do. Thank you in advance for your help and we hope to see you all soon. 

Becky :)

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