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We have unveiled the dates of our Copperfox UK tour stops (click here if you have not seen them) and are currently finalising the details of getting the tickets on sale. To be honest, I have forgotten how long it takes to get an online shop up and running and the massive checklist of things to complete before it can go live! I'm a few years out of practice!! Due to this delay, the sale date of the tickets has been pushed back to the 1st January 2016. On the plus side, it's an amazing way to kick off a new year, so please mark your calendars ready for this important date! 

I know many of you are eager to know more about our events, in particular the class list for the live show (s). Rather than wait until January to find out the details, when the tickets go on sale, I wanted to give you a taster of what to expect. Below is a glimpse of things that each ticket includes and as you can see it's quite a feature list- with a few special surprises! Tickets are £35.00 each and like all previous UH events, everyone who attends an event will need a ticket. It is an all-day event (9am-4pm) with everything provided. All you need to bring is yourself and 20 models and we'll do the rest. 

Anyway, enough of me rambling! Without further ado, may I introduce to you the feature list of a ticket to a Copperfox Tour Event. Maybe there is still time to add this to your Christmas list? 

• Exclusive New Mould Copperfox Fox Model 


Created primarily for Copperfox Events, our foxy logo has been brought to life by the talented British sculptor Michael Lovejoy. Supplied unpainted and crafted in the same 1:9th scale and Copperfox Blog 2015 


material to complement our models, the model (called Copper for short) can be used in our morning painting workshop or take him home with you to paint at your leisure. This model is only available to those who attend our events and like the tour model, is not to purchase available online. Something a little bit special! 

• Exclusive Copperfox UK Tour Pin Badge 


Show the world that you have been part of our tour. Everyone who attends a Copperfox tour event will receive an exclusive Union Jack themed enamel pin badge to wear with pride. 

• Chance to purchase the Copperfox Tour Model: 


Bertie, our Copperfox Tour Model is created on the popular Welsh Cob mould. This limited edition model can only be purchased at tour events and is limited to one per person. 

• 10% off any Copperfox Model and Merchandise 


Purchase any Copperfox Model at the event, including Bertie, the exclusive Copperfox tour model, and receive a 10% discount off normal retail prices! This is in addition to the benefit of having no shipping costs and being able to see all models in person (and pick the one (or two!) you like). We will also have a selection of Copperfox souvenir merchandise available for your perusal too, and other model horse goodies from Utterly Horses. 

Morning Painting and Creative Workshop 


Grab a brush and paint your own! Use our exclusive fox model for this exciting and creative workshop or bring a small horse of your own (Schleich or smaller) to paint. All materials and tuition provided. 

• Light Lunch 


Refreshments will be provided throughout the day in addition to a light lunch which is very much a highlight! A Copperfox Tour Event wouldn't be complete without a cake or cupcakes! <yum> 

• Lunchtime Quiz 


Swat up on your model horse and general knowledge for this fun quiz at lunchtime with prizes for the winning team. Quiz questions will vary from event to event so no two will be the same! 

  1. • Afternoon Mini Live Show A fun and informative live show that features 23 classes of Performance, In-Hand and Fun classes with rosettes and ribbons being awarded in each and a Supreme Champion being crowned. The show is relaxed and tailored to those who have never shown model horses before or have only been 

Copperfox Blog 2015 



    1. to one or two live shows. We will show you what live showing is all about, how they are judged and how to enter your models. 


The best way to learn about live showing is to have a jump in and have a go! 

--> Want to see the classlist? Sure! Just click here. We ask you to bring with you up to 20 model horses of your choice of any make and size (e.g Breyer, Stone, Julip, Schleich etc) and should be Original Finish and/or models that you have customised by yourself. 

• "Creating a Copperfox" Exhibit 


A up close glimpse behind the scenes of Copperfox. See our early prototypes and examples of the process of creating a Copperfox Model Horse. 

• Question & Answer 


We will be running a question and answer session throughout the day so if there is something model horse related that you have always wanted to know the answer to, then ask away! We'll be happy to help. 

Remember, tickets for all Copperfox Events go on sale on the 1st January 2016 at noon. 

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