Finnigan the Resin is Released 2015

Finnigan, our new Irish Sports Horse model was sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn and named by Laurie Miller Willis is now available to purchase in resin. Each model is priced at $200 and can be purchased here. 

Captured mid stride, this handsome and bold gelding is alert and eager, looking for the next obstacle to leap over. He is a model that lends himself to many different equestrian disciplines from eventing to showjumping, team chasing to stunt riding. A model that can turn his hoof to anything! 

Finnigan is being released in plastic in 2016 as part of the Copperfox Herd together with the Welsh Cob, Connemara and Exmoor Ponies. Before this date, a limited number of resin models are available to purchase. Cast by Mountain View Studios (USA), the resin release is limited to only 60 models. Yes, that's right, 60 models in the whole of the world. 

So what is the difference between a resin and a plastic model? The main difference is the material. Resin models are created from urethane resin whereas plastic models are cellulose acetate, and generally speaking, resin models are a little more fragile than plastic ones. Resin models are not good for cantering around the floor (please don't try it!). Another is colour. A resin model gives it's owner an unlimited amount of options for color- it's a blank canvas for a painter or customiser to bring to life. A plastic model would be released in a specific colour (although there would be an option to strip and customise afterwards). Collectability is the another difference. In this case, our resin Finnigans are limited to 60 pieces, whereas the plastic version production numbers runs in the hundreds to thousands. 

Either way, whatever medium you prefer, i think you will agree that he looks fabulous painted! This Finnigan (below) was painted by the talented Deb Brown to a wonderful red, coppery bay to join the collection of CF team member. There are some perks! A huge thank you for letting us photograph him! I'm sure he will be out on the show circuit soon, leaping an obstacle or something. Now I think I will have to get one painted just like this handsome chap, below, so I can create an epic eventing scene with a wonderful water jump, water spraying everywhere! Ohhhh the ideas!! 

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