Happy Saturday! Here's the December Newsletter!

It's a great day for Copperfox, we are so very grateful for all the overwhelming support and confidence you've all placed in us!  Can I just tell you how strange it still feels to be at the helm of this ship?  Whilst we did keep things a bit quiet, we are excited to share every bit of the journey as we carry on what Becky and Sharon began.  We've attempted to pull Becky back in to the fray, however she's on to her next adventure, and we all wish her all the best.  Hopefully she will be keeping an eye on Copperfox happenings, we hope to make her proud!   

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Oh, and if you're here you've already found out that the website is up!!  The products may still be hiding, however little by little we will get all the bits sorted.  We are documenting the company's history as we can recover it from various sources, the Blogs, the Archives, and other information.  I had previously written a few articles for the old website that were thankfully saved onto external drives.

 If you have something of interest you'd like us to post about, please email us at: info@copperfoxhorses.com 


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  • Julia, I have to admit I am confused. I thought Copperfox was no more. If I am mistaken about that, I am very glad. I was disappointed that, to my knowledge, Copperfox had folded when there were so many models I had been looking forward to, such as Winston. I had been one of the original supporters. My hopes have been rekindled and I will be looking for any information I can find as to what is actually going on with Copperfox.

    Marianne Prindle

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