How Paint can change everything...

Remember earlier this week we shared a picture on our CF Facebook page of a Finnigan Resin that had just reached his new home? 

Resin Finnigans have arrived in their new homes all around the world. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has let us know they have arrived safely. This picture was sent in by Nikki Button of Realistic Equine Art of her Finnigan tacked up and ready to ride! He looks amazing! Thanks Nikki for the share (be sure to check out Nikki's FB page too for her gorgeous finishwork: 

Well, Nikki sent us some pictures of the completed painted Finnigan. Oh my! What a coat of paint does to a model is amazing! Just look at him now: 

The talented artist behind is transformation is Nikki Button of Realistic Equine Art 

( and this particular model is available for sale if you would like to give him a home. It's always wonderful to see what colours our resins became and where they are now. It also gives us inspiration for regular run models. I think we will have to put this shade of bay onto our production wishlist!! 

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