Judging a Competition 2015

Back in October, we launched a competition to find a name for our new mould, the Irish Sports Horse. Now the competition has closed, we have the daunting task of choosing a name- and a lucky winner! We were overwhelmed by your responses; the sheer volume and variety of suggestions was amazing! You are all extremely creative and have wonderful imaginations! 

So how do we pick a name? The first task is to collate a list of all the names submitted, which as you can imagine is not a short list! After an entry list is compiled, the judges (Morgen and Myself) will create a shortlist of our favourite names, the ones we like, that make us smile and the ones that i have the right "feel" for the model. After this shorter list is created, we then compare to see which names appear on both lists. The ones which we both like are then put forward to the final stage of choosing just one name that fits our wonderful new mould. A name that matches the model. It's funny how a name just suits a horse, like it was just meant to be. I have a feeling that the name will be matching the model’s Irish heritage and presence. 

Once a name is chosen, that is not quite the end as there is no guarantee that it will be the winning one though! We have to double check that the name has been entered into the competition correctly, conforming to the competition rules. Who says that a running a competition is a simple process!? 

Well, back to choosing my favourite names. I'm having fun googling all the names to see what they mean. Did you know that both madra rua and sionnach are Irish for fox? 

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