Meet the Real Copperfox

Not only have we been working on our new range of models, tour events and generally getting everything moving forward, we have found the time to work on something else too. Something small, something a bit, well, foxy. 

Foxy you say? I might have you a little puzzled but hopefully our sneaky snap on Saturday put all the pieces into place? Do you recognize the shape in the picture below? 

I wanted 2016 to be the year to remember especially as this year, 2015, for us, hasn't been the best. It's been a bit rubbish. 2016 is the year that we are going to do everything we could only dream of with Utterly Horses and most importantly make it reality. The chains are off and so are the limits! 

With this in mind, i wanted to be able to create things for events that you wouldn't get anywhere else and give attendees something special. Sure, with the Utterly Horses Workshops we used little 1:32nd scale models for painting, which was great but you could find them anywhere and for obvious reasons it's not possible to use the same models for our Copperfox events. This presented a conundrum. What were we going to paint? 

With Utterly Horses we didn't have an image as such that represented who we were. We had our Horseshoes and text logo but never an emblem as such. Not a logo that spoke. With Copperfox we have our wonderful fox logo created by the skilled and adept Niroot Puttapipat (check out his work here: and that got me thinking. What happened if that logo came to life and in 3D form? Could we use that for painting and other fun events? 

The simple answer is YES! A really big YES! 

I would like to share with you our new little mould of the real Copperfox. Sculpted by the talented British sculptor Michael Lovejoy, (thank you so much!), our Copperfox logo has been transformed into a 3D model and created in the same 1:9th scale to complement our models. Here are some pictures of the original sculpture: 


So, not a new Copperfox mould of model horse but a new mould of fox!! We hope you love him (or it? Hmm?) as much as we do. I personally cannot wait to get one to paint Copper, oh and red, brown, blue, pink polka dot...! Every colour under the sun really. Whilst it's not a mini horse model, it's a model that is part of who we are and joins both our Copperfox horses and logo together. It's something fun, non-traditional and well, different. And as you know, we do different well. 

The most important question is how do you get a model? Quite simple really. Any ticket to a Copperfox Tour Event includes a model fox. Stay tuned to our blog to find out more about tour tickets (hint hint, tomorrow after lunch!). 

Becky :) 


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