Passing the Baton 2015

Today is the day! The official day that Utterly Horses passes the baton onto Copperfox Model Horses to gallop onwards with! 

We have had so many wonderful years with Utterly Horses, with too many memories and milestones to mention here, but the time has arrived for it to come to its natural conclusion, and to transfer its knowledge and ethos to its heir, Copperfox Model Horses. It's an occasion that we have mixed feelings about. It's sad that Utterly Horses has to go, but at the same time we are positive and enthused about the next chapter with Copperfox Model Horses. Having our own range of models gives us more freedom to more, to do things that we could only ever dream about with Utterly Horses. In a funny way, there is almost too many possibilities that it's a little overwhelming and will take a while to process and look at them all! 

Please take this change as a good thing as that is how we are looking at. Even though the decision to close Utterly Horses was not necessary our own decision, rather than one that was created through our own innovative actions (read about it here), I wouldn't change the past. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, even if that reason is unknown at the time it happens. I'm positive we will look back this time next year and say that was the start of something special and was the pivotal moment. 

So I would like to invite you all to join us on a new adventure with Copperfox Model Horses! It's going to be an exciting ride! Our second run of models and first full British range of models are scheduled to be released in a rainbow of colours across four moulds early next year. We are planning a Copperfox on Tour 2016 series of events that will feature workshops and live shows - don't forget to get involved and tell us where you want us to visit. Who knows there could even be a Copperfoxfest! Our new CF website will be continued to be updated with more content, articles and features, with many of the old content from the Utterly Horses website being rewritten and updated. We're planning to introduce a free monthly magazine that you can sign up to receive, both in paper and online formats full of how to articles and things that you can make and create for your models. That's in addition to asking to you get involved to tell us what models, colours, moulds you would like to see join the CF herd in addition to rolling out other programs and initiatives as the months go on. Can anyone remember the Utterly Horses Show Team? The Collect-a-herd promotion? Can you tell we have been brainstorming?!! 

Whilst we get things moving, remember to sign up to our Copperfox eNewsletter (right hand side bar) to make sure you receive the latest news straight to your inbox. Following us on our social media channels too will also ensure that you get the news as and when we know it ourselves, as well seeing all the wacky things we get up to! 

As something to look forward to, we are due to unveil the identity of the fourth Copperfox model by Mid October. There is a sneaky clue already hidden on the CF site. Maybe you can you find it? We will also be keeping you update to date on the process of the second run of models and answering the important questions of when they are available to purchase and their price. 

So to sign off this monumental occasion, we would like to thank everyone who has supported Utterly Horses over the last 15 years. I don't think I can say thank you enough. You are all part of Utterly Horses as much as I am, as a company is built and represented by its customers. You are all totally and utterly amazing! Thank You. 

I hope you will continue to join us on an adventure and help us write the new chapter of Copperfox Model Horses. I confident that it will be a thrilling story and a worldwide bestseller! 

Becky and Sharon 

The Utterly Horses & Copperfox Team 

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