Scottish Surnames

This week for our fox naming contest we asked our fans for ideas based on Scottish surnames.  We got a lot of fun entries and it was so difficult to whittle down the names.  We ultimately have come to two names, Finley or Duncan.  We like both equally well, so it was up to a coin toss to choose the finalist for this week.  So, here we go!  





   Duncan is the winner this week, and our finalist will be notified via email and will go forward to the final round in picking our mascot's name!  Duncan also stood out to us as the Scottish meaning is "Chief", "Brown", and "Noble" and all of those seem to fit the little guy, plus it is a surname and a first name.  It is also a family name here, so we were a little partial as two members of our family carry the name.  So here we go onto week #3,  with a twist.  We are looking for names from the Rhys ap Tewdwr family line.  Rhys was traced back to our family origins, and also noted to be related to John F. Kennedy, though he was a bit of a scamp and got run out of town on more than one occasion! 

 Rhys was the King of Deheubarth in South Wales as of 1066, in fact, the last of the ancient kings of what is now Wales.  
His and his daughter's stories are briefly visited during the tumultuous times of William the Conqueror, whose story is depicted in the The Bayeux Tapestry, an embroidered cloth nearly 70 metres long commissioned in 1070's.  We were not able to take photos of this ancient cloth of course but you can see it in Bayeux, France.
Wikipedia should help in your quest to find relatives of Rhys!  We will take entries from March 14-21st, and will announce the next finalist in a week.  After week #4, a name will be chosen for our fox, and the winner or winner/s will receive a fox prototype in a fun orange color! 
 Good luck and have fun!  

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