Share and Shout Fridays! 2015


We love Fridays! It's that day in the week that you can share and shout woohoo (and everyone agrees with you!) This got us thinking and a little idea emerged. Fridays should be celebrated and talked about- and so we thought, we would like to do a little share and shoutout for you on Fridays. 

Got a Model Horse Blog? Send it in. Created an awesome model horse scene or stable yard? Let us know. Had a great day with your favourite horse? Whizz us a picture. Know this amazing recipe for a truly scrumptious cake, cookie, food, drink? Drop us a note! 

Anything and everything, share with us your news and triumphs, "woohoo" and "wow" moments. Friday's is a day to share with everyone and to shoutout your news! Let’s all learn something new, feel part of something, start new ideas. Who knows what you will discover with #share&shoutfriday 

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