Welsh Fox Names

Good Day Copperfox fans,
We had another fabulous week of fox name entries such as Fennix, Fitz or Fitzy, Fitzgerald, Rhys, Nest, Bernard, Gruff, Cynan, and many, many more!  This week was especially exciting for us as this is actually our family tree, the Rhys Ap Tewdr lineage,  which we've traced back 13 generations.  The United Kingdom is steeped in so much amazing history.  There are a lot of interesting names that popped up, and one that stood out and the team all jumped in on it as the clear favorite this week!  So without further ado, our winner is:
As part of the Fitzgerald clan, we thought there was nothing easier and more catchy to say than Fitz or Fitzy, Fitzgerald fox would have a number of nicknames immediately.  It's actually a very interesting name as it is also French, Irish, and German.  This is a name that's been used throughout history in the UK and throughout the European continent.  
So for our last week, week #4 we are seeking names for our fox of Irish heroes in history.  We need a hero right now in the world, and we thought what better to seek than a hero of Irish descent, with St. Patrick's Day having just passed us by.
   The winner of this week will be notified by email, and next week we will choose our mascot's name from the four,  and of course we're keeping all the names in our pockets for future horse releases, so we thank you all.
Enjoy your Saturday, and stay healthy!

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