What's Happening at Copperfox Model Horses? 2015

It's a funny time of year at the moment. It's a bit like living in limbo, neither coming nor going. Utterly 

Horses has been put out to retirement (and loving it! Eating grass all day is it's ideal of heaven) and Copperfox is eagerly awaiting its new range of products. Our warehouse is empty and it's slightly unnerving that I'm not worrying about Christmas (actually, it is bad to admit that it’s a welcomed change to be able experience the festive season on the other side?). Many will be wondering what we are doing, which is a fair question. It's not every day that a company evolves into something new. 

The answer to that question is lots of things believe it or not!! We are retooling our moulds, prepping prototypes, outlining tour events and planning, planning, planning! 

On the tooling front, someone asked a very good question on Facebook: "Have they not already got moulds from the run of founding models?". I love it when people really understand what we are up to!! The answer was that yes, we do have tools from our first run of models which we could use. However, we have recently moved factories for production and painting and so we have the chance to retool and create tools that will last longer and consistently produce highly detailed models in volume. It's one of those situations where we could retool at the beginning or use the old tools and then have to retool after a period of time (or number of models). We've gone for the less disruptive option, which is to retool at the beginning. Either way, it means we get plastic ponies at the end!! 

Another question that is asked is what are the resin models used for? Resin models are used to create the metal tools. When a new model is created in clay, it is then created in resin, to metal and then finally plastic. 

Tour Events! I like these, it's like planning lots of mini Hullabaloos. We are finalising our UK tour stops at the moment, in addition to our UK launch party. Our US tour stop is proving quite tough, especially as all the logical locations in Kentucky, in July are full. That or the companies using them have non-compete clauses meaning that we cannot use the same venue, which is fair. It' quite clever actually...! Does anyone know of a cool horsey venue in Kentucky that might be available in July 2016? Please get in touch if so! We like something unique and quirky, something memorable. It is going to be our first US event after all. 

The upcoming week will also be very exciting as we are unveiling our 4th Copperfox Model. Would you like some clues? Hmmm. He (clue one) is a breed of the British Isles and has very long legs (clue two). 

Stay tuned to our social media channels for one more clue before the big unveil! 

I wanted also to let you know that I will endeavour to blog at least once a week about what is happening in the world of Copperfox. It will be straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak!! When I started CF I wanted to be as honest as I could with what was going on, to show people what happens behind the scenes, what goes into making the models, how and why it all happens, where and by whom. I find the story behind things nearly as exciting as the finished item, and this is what I will aim to show you on our wonderful journey. Some would say that it could give "my competitors" the advantage knowing what we are doing but my comment on this is that we are doing what we like and couldn't give two hoots about everyone else. There is no way we can compete with others on volume and that isn't our goal (as a note, our goal is not quantity, it’s something quintessentially English). So, there will be random pictures, blog posts about our latest predicament and generally things that you wouldn't see from traditional model horse manufacturers. Feel free to ask questions, give suggestions, comment and feedback, the more the merrier! I'm here, listening and like to hear what you think. 

Anyway, better dash. It's time to trot off to the gym and do a bit of training. Can you believe i signed up for a Tough Mudder (I must be mad!)? 

Talk to you all later this week. I can't wait to hear what you think about our new Copperfox mould. 

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