What's My Name Irish Hero Finalist

Greetings Fox fans,
Here we are at week four, and what a great group of names we've put in the vault.  We've actually borrowed one of the names for a new sculpture we are commissioning, but more on that later! 
Without further adieu, this week's winner is "Oscar", meaning friend of deer.  Whilst we like to think foxes are a good friend to deer, hmm. We'll just keep to that thought, shall we? 
The name Oscar is also notable in history for Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet and playwright in the 1800's.  Oscar was also a notable figure in Irish Mythology, and also a grandson of 3rd century Irish hero Chieftan Finn McCool.  It's easy to immerse yourself in the folklore and history of medieval Ireland, and many of our contestants did just that this week.  It all made for a fascinating read!
Announcement on the finalists and mascot's name will be posted soon, and as always, thank you all for playing.
Le meas,


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