Why an Irish Sports Horse?

Hopefully you have seen our handsome new addition to the Copperfox Stable- the Irish Sports Horse, who was officially unveiled today. If not, here is a picture of him... (isn't he gorgeous!?!) 

It's great to hear everyone's comments about this new mould, your thoughts and feedback. He has been under wraps for quite a while it was a relief to finally be able to talk about him!! 

A huge thank you again to Morgen Kilbourn who sculpted him (thank you!!). Such amazing attention to detail and the ability to capture the energy in the mould is extraordinary! Don't forget to trot on over to Morgens website to see her portfolio and models she has available for sale. I really like Tetradrachm! 

Many of you will probably be wondering why we chose a Sporthorse as the next model to join the CF herd, especially when there are so many breeds under represented in the plastic model horse world, in particular draft breeds. 

I thought it would be interesting to share, the background story behind this mould. My (or the more polite royal "our") reasoning was that there is no good sports horse model of British origin, represented in model form. Sure, we have Warmbloods, Sporthorses, Hanoverians and Oldenburg’s but no sport horse that is bred from British soil. It is as simple as that. We wanted a model that would fly the flag and be able to compete in most equestrian disciplines in the model horse world, and the Irish Sports Horse ticked many of the boxes. He also embodies the fact that British breeds come in all shapes and sizes, and he is special as he is the first horse of our range, being a big chap (17hhs for sure!). Lots of firsts for this new mould! 

I know many of you were hoping for a Draft horse and I can totally understand why! I use to own 2 Shire Horses (Harry and Gilbert, both pictured below) and so understand the draw of these gentle giants. The only downside to owning the real thing is that when it comes to recreating them in model form you know what they have to look like. There are many differences between a "traditional" Shire and a "modern" Shire for example. Harry and Gilbert represent this perfectly. 

Gilbert had the traditional apple bottom of a Shire and the gait to match, whereas Harry behaved like a Lipizzaner most of the time, prancing and dancing! 

We will definitely be including British heavy horses in the Copperfox range in the future, when everything comes together and we feel that we can do the breed complete justice. In the mean time, we hope you enjoy our new Irish Sports Horse model. We can't wait to see what equestrian events he will be competing in! 

Becky :) 


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