Ye Olde English Names

What an amazing week, with so many of you sending in some very creative, meaningful, and well thought out names for our little fox mascot!
 We would like to share some of the names as they are great for show horses as well, and who knows, maybe another Copperfox horse model will end up with the namesake on their sleeve some day. 
  1. Edginnan-To begin again
  2. Farley
  3.  Tristan
  4.  Reggie
  5. Fitzgerald
  6. *Oswin, meaning Divine friend x2 entries-Finalist! 
  7. Copper
  8. Copor
  9. Redford
  10. Lefric
  11. Hwaet, meaning Listen, or Look here
  12. Beltic, meaning Splendid
  13. Locksley
  14. Dover
  15. Reynard
  16. Farleigh
  17. Trivet
  18. Filip-friend of horses
  19. Adelmar
  20. Anginn: Old English for beginning
  21. Apricity
  22. Fraiser or Frasier
  23. Tedmund
  24. Alfred
  25. Teague or Tege which means handsome
  26. Dudley
  27. Winfred x2
  28. AElweard meaning elf or guardian
  29. Fairfax-or Fairfox-clever!! X 2
  30. Bellamy,meaning handsome friend
  31. Tanner
  32. Knox
  33. Piper
  34. Marley-pleasant wood or pine marten wood
  35. Beckett
  36. Tally-Ho
  37. Nigel
  38. ´Eadweard-meaning wealthy/prosperous guardian
  39. Remington
  40. Gallagher-Derived from Gallchobhar, meaning ‘Foreign Help’
  41. Arthur
  42. Brigham
  43. Darwin
  44. Llewellyn-a very small run of Copperfox models is named this!
  45. Mr. Darcy or Darcy
  46. Clayton
  47. Deorwine meaning Dear Friend
  48. Brewster
  49. Errol
  50. Barclay
  51. Llwynog
  52. Hawthorne
  53. Todd
  54. Woodrow x2 meaning dweller by the wood
  55. Aethelbald
  56. Rufus
  57. Eevee
  58. Wesley
  59. Holly Todd-meaning near holly bushes fox
  60. Copor x3
  61. Britt
  62. Chester
  63. Alfred
  64. Odin
  65. Sherwin
  66. Baldwin
  67. Freddie
  68. Hector 
  69. Merlin
This was an incredibly difficult decision to put just one name forth into the finalist category.  So, after much debate and discussion we have decided that two people will go forward, as both entered the name: 
OSWIN, meaning 'Divine Friend.'
As the fox has been the namesake of the company and he has seen and ushered in many beautiful horse models created by talented hands of friends, we thought this name would be fitting to go forward into the final round on March 31st. That being said however, we don't know how we will choose just one! 
Thanks to all for entering! The two finalists will get an email to notify them they are entered into the final round to be decided on 31st of March.  In the event there are multiple entries for the same name, if we choose your name then it is only fitting that each entry receives a fox prototype.  After all, we need many more little foxes in the world!
Now, on to the next week friends and fans.  From March 8th to March 14th, we will be accepting entries of name suggestions for the fox under the category of:


Like the English, the Scottish didn't really use last names until they were introduced by the Normans somewhere in the 11th century.  This is where the 'Mc' and 'Mac' came to be used as a trend which continues today; as families considered this prefix to mean 'Son of' or ancestor of.  Our Copperfox family has a surname of "MacFarlane" which we found after a very fascinating visit to a genealogy center in Edinburgh.   These prefixes were especially used in the Highlands.  So what is your family surname, or what names do you think would fit our fox that is of Scottish surname descent?  We can't wait to see what you come up with.
We will accept one entry per person per week.  Please email your name suggestion to:
Thank you and a hearty Good Luck to all! 
31st of March the fox name will be chosen, and the winner (or winners) will receive the first of the fox prototype figures in traditional scale.
Ok, that's enough banter from me, enjoy your weekend.  


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