Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why aren't your models the same price as Breyer?  A. Our initial runs were created in limited runs of just 250 pieces, each hand painted with COA and our custom Union Jack box.  Being a small company, we pay custom artists to ensure they produce a highest quality product.  Other manufacturers own factories in other countries, as well as molds that they have been utilizing for 70 years.  Our overhead is a lot different, and creating the product in the US/UK,  we hope this also ensures a higher level of quality control, personable customer service and product.  Our pricing will still aim to be in keeping (less!) with pricing on Breyer's 300-350 piece runs which generally run 175.00 and up.  We do hope to create runs of 500 at some point.
  2. How do I calculate £ to USD or Canadian/Australia/other?  A. Currency confusion is a real thing, and can be scary and frustrating!  If you are on the website and it ends in "", then you may switch over to the US site at If you are purchasing an item that was made in the UK thus shipping from, please see the following link for today's exchange rate, which will tell you how much the USD is worth against the British pound sterling.  You are welcome to pay in your current PayPal/credit card/etc. method, and the program will automatically convert this amount for you, and tell you at the end what USD it came out to be. If you do not wish to go through with the sale until you know exactly what you will be charged, please don't hesitate to contact customer service at: and our shipping manager will get back to you with your total.  
  3. Who owns Copperfox now?  A. Whilst Copperfox has indeed exchanged hands, we as a company have committed to maintaining a professional team atmosphere that will provide you with personalized service however not creating a "one person to reach" for the business.  We are now a six member team, with a dozen more contributors in a vendor capacity.  In that regard, we hope to keep the mission as close to the original focus of the company as possible, with a few twists and turns!  There are many members of our team that are vested in ensuring Copperfox grows and is successful.  You will likely meet our team members at events as we tour the country.
  4. What is your return policy? A. We take every precaution to ship your models/merchandise in a secure manner, however sometimes accidents can happen.  If you have an issue with shipping damage, please contact us at to obtain a return authorization. We do not accept returns for factory flaws in models,  as each one is as different as you and I.  As hand painted creations there will be variations in each model, and we maintain the utmost dedication to quality control to ensure your models are the very best they can be.  Models which are damaged must obtain a return authorization number and label via email, and model must be shipped within 7 days of receipt to be eligible for exchange or refund.  If you do not have access to a printer, when requesting your authorization we will mail you a label, and the 7 day deadline will be extended, accordingly.